Activities carried out at Shri Krishnashram

The activities of “Shri Krishnashram” are governed by Shri K. G. Vyas Public Charitable Trust and Shri G. K. Vyas Public Charitable Trust. 

Education Field 

In near past, the Trust has donated the land and buildings which are used for students studying from the Baalvadi (Kindergarten) to higher secondary level studies. The needy students are given help by the Trust

Vedic Patthshala 

From June 2010, The K.G.Vyas Trust has started Gujarat Government recognised Non Granted Patthshala named “SHRIKRISHNASHRAM VEDIC PATTHSHALA” (Reg. No 86/CHHK/Ch/09-10/603/05 dated 24th May 2010) at Bolundara., for Prathama I, II and III (standard 8,9 and 10) Here students will learn all the four Vedas, Sanskrit literature, Astrology, Mathematics, Science as per the ancient “Gurukul Parampara” in the vicinity of the sacred Agnihotra Yagnashala atmosphere. They will also be given the knowledge of modern languages and computer education for their bright future. Students will be given free education at Patthshala and free accommodation with nutrias food at Chhatralay (Hostel). The basic aim of the Patthshala is to give the education upto Aacharya degree (equivalent to M.A.) the total course duration upto Aacharya is 10 years. Every year the permission of one higher standard will be given by Government of Gujarat.

(Photo: Patthshala Inauguration Function) 

Trust has planned to build new buildings (stagewise) on the premises of the Trust’s own land, for Patthshala (School) and Chhatralay (hostel). One can donate for School building, hostel building, different requirements of students viz. food grain, uniform, books, medical treatments, furniture, electronic items, library etc.

Vedic Pathshala

Annakshetra’ (Free Food Facility)

Any person coming at the time of meal is offered food (Prasad) at Aashram. A new arrangement has been made since 11-4-2003 (‘Ram Navmi’ Day) for providing free food, to the people who are poor, handicapped, old, without any support, widows, living in nearby villages in the range of 15 kms, viz. Bolundra, Jivanpur, Chharanagar, Rampur, Tintisar, Sardoi, Salampura, Meddhasan, Devipur etc. are provided sufficient meal one time a day, at their residence, with token charge of only one Rupee, so that their sense of self respect may be maintained. Receipts of the token charges are also given to them. At present 70 people are offered food daily at their own houses. The target of the Trust is to provide food to 1000 people every day at their own residence without any discrimination of caste or creed. The above mentioned services are offered to the Muslims, Patels, Brahmins, Thakors, Chanmars, weavers (Vankar), Nayaks, Bhois etc 


Service of Sanskrit and Sanskriti 

Since the time of Bapaji, many students came to Aashram and stayed there as own children and studied Sanskrit, Veda-Vedanga, Shaastras etc. All the needs were fulfilled by Aashram. True and Pure information and Knowledge is given there about Ancient Indian Culture and ‘Sanatan Dharma’. 

Aashram arranges Ram Katha, Bhagvat Katha etc. to activate the emotions of the people about ‘Dharma’. In the celebrations of holy occasions, Aashram invites knowledgeable, holy, and Sanskritagnya (one who knows Sanskrit) saints to serve the people. Knowledge given by those saints touches the minds of people and flow of knowledge helps human mind to walk on the right path.

Gau Shala 

There is Gau Shala - the home of cows - with cows, oxen and buffaloes. Previously there were about 20 – 25 animals but because drought they were sent to Panjarapol. At present there are three cows and two oxen. The dung of cows/oxen is used in preparing dung-balls (‘Gola’) to be used for ‘Agnihotra’. Milk is used in the ‘Aashram’. Ghee is used in worship as well as in the kitchen.

You may certainly trust the transparent, clean administration of the Trust by surprise checking.