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        नमोस्त्वनान्तय सहस्त्र  मूर्तये सहस्त्र पादाक्षिशिरोरुबाहवे|
        सहस्त्रनाम्नेपुरुषायशाश्वते सहस्त्रकोटियुगधारिण नमः||



Agnihotra Tradition in Gujarat

(at Bolundara, Dist. Sabarkantha)



For the last five generation the Agnihotri family is serving Yagna Jyoti. The following five generation are connected with the ‘Agnihotra’ of Shri Krishnashram, Bolundra – Krishnaram (Bapaji) – Gaurishankarji – Shukdevji – Jaiminikumar – Aatreykumar. Thus for the last one hundred years, from Bapaji to Aatreykumar the ‘Divya Jyot’ (Devine Light) of Yagna is continuously giving light. This is indeed a matter of great pride of Agnihotra tradition in Gujarat. Bolundra, a small village at the bottom of a hill is populated with people of different casts like, Brahmins, Rajputs, Patels, Tailors, Thakors, Weavers, Barbours, Carpenters, Ravals, Sweepers, Chamars, Harijans etc. These people are humble and respectful to Brahmins. In such village, there was a Brahmin named Gulabram Tryambakram Vyas having three sons, Hargovan, Tuljaram and Krishnaram.

Now a days, it is very difficult to function as ‘Agnihotri’, as the ‘Agnihotri’ has to maintain his family along with his religious duties. But still we can see that because of full faith in Lord, during the last One Hundred Years - five generations - since February 17, 1908 - have been keeping the flame of Sacred Fire (Yagna Naarayan) burning at Shri Krishnashram in the village Bolundara, situated near the bank of the river Meshvo, in Modasa Taluka of Sabarkantha District in North Gujarat, India.

Krishnaram Bapaji blessed by the God/Guru and initiated (‘Dikshit’) as ‘Agnihotri’
 Shri Krishnaram Bapaji
Shri Krishnaram Vyas , The youngest son of Shri Gulabram Vyas , continued the heritage of the last fourteen generations by dealing with astrology, priesthood, ‘Yog’, meditation, worshipping the Lord, gaining knowledge etc. He lost his father in his childhood. He was brought up with good refinements by his mother. He studied in different ‘Pathshalas’. A ‘Pathshala’ usually gives education of Sanskrit language, Vedic literature etc. Normally in villages Brahmins are respectfully addressed as ‘Bapaji’. Krishnaramji is still remembered as ‘Bapaji’ even today. He wanted to be a renunciate (‘Sannyasi’) and so he wandered in different parts of India, on foot, in his youth in search of Guru (a spiritual master).


Knowing that a great and self realized sage was there in Dungarpur to spend Holy four months (‘Chaturmas’), he went there. He met Shri Jagdish Maharaj who was an ‘Agnihotri’. He took him to the sage. ‘Bapaji’ was happy to find such a great saint. Sage was ‘Paramhansa’ (one who has realized all the stages of the path of meditation.) Their meeting proved that a very curious God loving disciple found a great Guru who was in search of such disciple ‘Shishya’. ‘Bapaji’ used to enjoy his ‘Satsang’ by serving him sincerely. Shri Paramhansji knew that ‘Bapaji’ wanted to be a ‘Sanyasi’. Once he asked him, “Are you not hungry?” ‘Bapaji’ told him that he was not hungry. After two months, he asked him same question and received the same answer. Paramhansji told him, “If you are not hungry, cook for others. (तुझे भूख नहिं है तो फिर औरोके लिए पकाओ, ब्राह्मणके घर आए हो, तो ब्राह्मणके घरका धंधा करो)   As you are born in a Brahmin family, perform the profession of a Brahmin.” ‘Bapaji’ asked him, “what should I have to do?” (क्या करना होगा?)

Paramhansji then commanded him to be initiated as ‘Agnihotri’.(तुम अग्निहोत्र की दीक्षा लेलो) According to यम एव एष: वृणुते”, (“Yam Eva Eshaha Vrunute”)Yagna Narayan himselfs elects a person for this worship. Such Selected persons are indeed fortunate in having Lord's grace.

 Consequently, ‘Bapaji’, Shri Krishnaram Gulabram Vyas, along with Pu. Jadavba, accepted ‘Agnihotra’ at 12:39 p.m. on 17-02-1908 according to the Vedic tradition. At that time, he was very poor. In spite of poverty and harsh criticism of people, he was determined to worship the Lord ‘Yagna Naarayan’. Because of his deep faith in the Lord, money could not become a problem either for maintaining the family or for preparing things to offer to the sacred fire. Right from that day to this day, everything is going on smoothly by the grace of the Lord in ‘Shri Krishnaashram’ at Bolundara.(Dist Sabarkantha, Gujarat, India) 

From village Bolundara, ‘Bapaji’ came to a near by forest. He stayed there for 12 years for preparing ‘Aashram’. Nowdays, it is known as ‘Old Aashram’. On the bank of the river Meshvo, in the village Bhatkota, the ‘Aashram’ was situated with many cottages. The ancient Rishi-tradition, Gurukul was revived there, as students without paying any fees, used to stay there in cottages with their Guru, giving the students the knowledge of Vedas, Puranas, Astrology etc. By the grace of the Lord, everything worked well. There is also a temple of Lord Shiva with Ganeshji, Hanumanji and the Mother Parvati. The land of the ‘Old Aashram’ was donated by the king of the state of Idar as gift for temple. (‘Inami Devsthan’).

Because of loving request of the people of Bolundra, he came back again to the village after 12 years. Because of Bapaji’s firm faith in the Lord, his knowledge and for his blessings, many people used to come to Bolundara. People coming with sad faces used to return with cheerful faces because of divine vibrations of the ‘Aashram’.
Pu. Shri Gaurishankar Bapaji                               Pu. Shri. Shukdevji
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     Pu. Shri JaiminiBhai                                         Pu. Shri Aatreybhai
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Shri Jehabhai with Chi. Rutvij(Son of Pu.Shri Aatreybhai)
                            Shri Jehabhai supported Agnihotri parivar and parampara from begining till now.

The origin of another tradition of Agnihotra in Gujarat, is also Pujya Shri Krushnaram Bapaji himself. Considering scholar Shri Chunilalji a worth person. He gave him ‘Agnihotra’ ‘Diksha’ at Demai. Consequently, Yagn Naarayan was brought to Raygadh from Demai. His eldest son Shri Rushirajji accepte ‘Diksha’. Though he had to shoulder responsibilities as a professor at Ahmedabad and Modasa. He sincerely worshipped Yagna Narayan and in a true sense he became a torch-bearer of Yagna civllization.

Pu. Shri Yogendrabhai - Raygadh 
Now Shri Yogendraji and his religious wife Muktaben are bearing the fame of Yagna Narayan civilization.


Besides these two traditions in Gujarat, Shri Suryaprasadji at Dungarpur and Sri Vijayshankarji at Khodan have continued this Sacred Agnihotra tradition in Rajasthan.

Yagna Narayan himself selects a person for his worship. Such Selected persons are indeed fortunate in having Lord's grace. All people, connected with the service of Yagna civilization directly or indirectly by worshipping or extending financial support, are certainly meritorious people.