Pu. Shri Aatreyji - Pu. Jahnaviben

By the grace and inspiration of the Lord Narayana, Shri Aatreyji, the eldest son of Shri Jaiminikumar took initiation as ‘Agnihotri’ with his wife Jahnviji on 15-04-2000 by the command of Pujya Shri Shukdevji. On this very day, the soul of Ansuyaba had left her body for ‘Aaditya Lok’ (The province of the Sun). Aatreyji formerly used to stay with grand father Shukdevji in Nadiad, after getting the degree of B.A. There he used to study Astrology and also busy with medicine business.


After his father Jaiminikumar’s death Aatreykumar began to stay in Bolundra with his mother Arunaben. Aatreykumar, as a representative of Shri Shukdevji undertook ‘Agnihotra’ in Shri Krishnashram at the age of 22.
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