Pu. Shri Gaurishankarji Bapaji - Pu. Shri Motiba
Krishnaram Bapaji had three sons and one daughter viz. Gaurishankar, Girijashankar, Narmadashankar and Savitriben.


"Shri Krishnashram" in the village Bolundra was developed by Shri Gaurishankar, the eldest son of ‘Krishnaram Bapaji’. Shri Gaurishankar himself was a great devotee as well as a prominent astrologer. He not only looked after ‘Aashram’, but undertook many projects for the development of the village also.


Because of old age of ‘Bapaji’, Shri Gaurishankar, along with Pu. Motiba, initiated as ‘Agnihotri’. He was an eminent Astrologer in Nadiad (Dist: Kheda).To serve the Humanity and to fulfill the wish of uplift of the surrounding peoples Krishnaram Bapaji, he founded a Charitable Trust: Agnihotri Krishnaram Gulabram Vyas Charitable Trust. He donated his entire huge property,including number of buildings along with the surrounding open land. He was a staunch believer of Bhagvati Bala Tripursundari and Yagnanarayan. Under his guidance and leadership many big YAGNAs were performed. Under the Trust the donations were made to build the school rooms, havada (drinking water place for cattle), water supply schemes in many surrounding villages. He passed away on 05.12.1965. In order to serve humanity (‘Manushya Yagna’), he bought land, prepared houses and made  a Trust of all his property, known as Shri Krusnaram Gulabram Vyas Public Charitable Trust. Projects of public interest were undertaken by him. But after 10 months as ‘Agnihotri’ Shri Gaurishankar’s soul left the physical body. The  Shri Gaurishankar Krishnaram Vyas Public Charitable Trust was founded on 5-12-1965 in his memomry and to carry out his ideal thoughts.


According to ‘Agnihotra’ tradition, some one had to be initiated as ‘Agnihotri’ in order to perform the morning – evening worship without break. The death of Gaurishankar was shocking for ‘Bapaji’, for the whole family and for all people who knew him closely.
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