Pu. Shri Jaiminiji - Pu. Arunaben
Pu. Shukdevji has three sons and one daughter. Pu. Jaiminikumar was the eldest one. He completed his graduation in Science stream and acquired the Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Physics. He went to Varanasi (UP) for the deep study of Astrology to continue the succession of Jyotish Shastra in the family since last 14 generations. After completion of his studies for 5 years, he acquired the degree of ‘Jyotish Acharya’ (Masters of Jyotish) in Siddhant and Falit Jyotish securing Gold Medals in both streams of Astrology.


After completion his studies he returned back to Nadiad to stay with Pu. Shukdevji and helped him in different aspects in the field of Astrology, Astronomy and Karmakand. After being inspired by Pu. Shukdevji in 1983, he went to Bolundra Aashram to represent him to perform Agnihotra Pooja. He stayed there for 13 long years till his death on 30th April, 1996 with his wife Pu. Arunaben worshipping ‘Yagna Narayan’.


He was also a master of Yoga Shastra. He guided people coming to him for the overall uplift or their lives through combining the Astrology and Yoga Shastra.


He provided his guidance as a Trustee of ‘Shamlaji Vishnumandir Trust’ around 5  years for development of Trust activities. Number of big Yagnas and Pratishtas of several temples in the Sabarkhantha District and different parts of Gujarat were performed under his guidance.


Pu. Jaiminibhai is still remembered as a ‘Saint of Sabarkantha’.

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